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Matt built a simple wooden hut to protect himself from the rain. From the side the hut looks like a right triangle with the right angle at the top. The longer part of the roof has 20 ft and the shorter one has 15 ft. What is the height of the hut in feet?

On the first day Robinson Crusoe tied the goat with a piece of rope by putting one peg into the ground. What shape did the goat graze?

On the second day Robinson Crusoe stretched the rope between two pegs, put a ring on the rope, and tied the goat with another rope to the ring. What shape did the goat graze in this case?

On the third day Robinson Crusoe put two pegs again, and decided not to stretch the rope, but to tie the goat with two loose ropes of different lengths to those pegs. What shape did the goat graze on the third day?

One day Robinson Crusoe decided to take his usual walk, and followed his path on a plateau holding his goat on the lead of 1 m length. Draw the shape of the area where the goat could have being eating grass while walking along Robinson Crusoe. The path they followed was exactly in the shape of 1 km\({}\times{}\)3 km rectangle.

Draw how Robinson Crusoe should put pegs and ropes to tie his goat in order for the goat to graze grass in the shape of a semicircle

Think of other shapes Robinson’s goat can graze without a wolf, or with a wolf tied nearby. What if Robinson managed to tame several wolves and used them as guard dogs? Can two tied wolves keep an untied goat in a triangle? Can you think of other shapes you can create with Robinson’s goat and wolves?

A rectangle is made up from six squares. Find side length of the largest square if side length of the smallest square is 1.

This shape below is made up from squares.

Find side length of the bottom square if side length of the smallest square is equal to 1.

You are given a convex quadrilateral. Is it always possible to cut out a parallelogram out of the quadrilateral such that three vertices of the new parallelogram are the vertices of the old quadrilateral?