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Matt built a simple wooden hut to protect himself from the rain. From the side the hut looks like a right triangle with the right angle at the top. The longer part of the roof has 20 ft and the shorter one has 15 ft. What is the height of the hut in feet?

Think of other shapes Robinson’s goat can graze without a wolf, or with a wolf tied nearby. What if Robinson managed to tame several wolves and used them as guard dogs? Can two tied wolves keep an untied goat in a triangle? Can you think of other shapes you can create with Robinson’s goat and wolves?

A rectangle is made up from six squares. Find side length of the largest square if side length of the smallest square is 1.

This shape below is made up from squares.

Find side length of the bottom square if side length of the smallest square is equal to 1.

You are given a convex quadrilateral. Is it always possible to cut out a parallelogram out of the quadrilateral such that three vertices of the new parallelogram are the vertices of the old quadrilateral?

a) There are six points on a plane. No matter which five points you choose you can cross them with two lines but one cannot find two lines which cross all six of them. Does such configuration exist?

(b) One extremely successful businesswoman is planning to build a garden in her country house. She wants to have 10 garden beds and several lanes built. She requested her architect to organize the garden in such a way that for every nine beds there are three lanes passing by them (for each garden bed out of these nine beds there is a lane among the three lanes which passes by it). On top of that she demanded that there should not be three lanes which pass by all 10 garden beds. How can the poor architect satisfy this requirement? All lanes have to be straight.

(c) A neighbour of the businesswoman is inspired by her exotic demands. He decides to surpass her on this field. The neighbour plans to build 55 garden beds. They have to be joined by several lanes in such a way that for every 54 garden beds you can find nine lanes crossing them (for each garden bed out of these 54 beds there is a lane among the nine lanes which crosses this bed). Can you help the colleague of the architect? Again all the lanes have to be straight.

A maths teacher draws a number of circles on a piece of paper. When she shows this piece of paper to the young mathematician, he claims he can see only five circles. The maths teacher agrees. But when she shows the same piece of paper to another young mathematician, he says that there are exactly eight circles. The teacher confirms that this answer is also correct. How is that possible and how many circles did she originally draw on that piece of paper?

It is easy to construct one equilateral triangle from three identical matches. Can we make four equilateral triangles by adding just three more matches identical to the original ones?

In a trapezium \(ABCD\), the side \(AB\) is parallel to the side \(CD\). Show that the areas of triangles \(\triangle ABC\) and \(\triangle ABD\) are equal.