Found: 121

Jane wrote another number on the board. This time it was a two-digit number and again it did not include digit 5. Jane then decided to include it, but the number was written too close to the edge, so she decided to t the 5 in between the two digits. She noticed that the resulting number is 11 times larger than the original. What is the sum of digits of the new number?

a) Find the biggest 6-digit integer number such that each digit, except for the two on the left, is equal to the sum of its two left neighbours.

b) Find the biggest integer number such that each digit, except for the rst two, is equal to the sum of its two left neighbours. (Compared to part (a), we removed the 6-digit number restriction.)

The seller with weights. With four weights the seller can weigh any integer number of kilograms, from 1 to 40 inclusive. The total mass of the weights is 40 kg. What are the weights available to the seller?

Two weighings. There are 7 coins which are identical on the surface, including 5 real ones (all of the same weight) and 2 counterfeit coins (both of the same weight, but lighter than the real ones). How can you find the 3 real coins with the help of two weighings on scales without weights?

We are looking for the correct statement. In a notebook one hundred statements are written:

1) There is exactly one false statement in this notebook.

2) There are exactly two false statements in this notebook.


100) There are exactly one hundred false statements in this notebook.

Which of these statements is true, if it is known that only one is true?

The evil stepmother, leaving for the ball, gave Cinderella a bag in which rice and cous-cous were mixed, and ordered for them to be sorted. When Cinderella was leaving for the ball, she left three bags: one was rice, the other – cous-cous, and in the third – not yet disassembled mixture. In order not to confuse the bags, Cinderella attached to each of them a sign saying: “Rice”, “Cous-cous” and “Mixture”.

The stepmother returned from the ball first and deliberately swapped all the signs in such a way that on every sack there was an incorrect sign. The Fairy Godmother managed to warn Cinderella that now no sign on bags is true. Then Cinderella took out only one single grain from one sack and, looking at it, immediately guessed what that mixture was. How did she do it?

In Wonderland, an investigation was conducted into the case of a stolen soup. At the trial, the White Rabbit said that the soup was stolen by the Mad Hatter. The Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter also testified, but what they said, no one remembered, and the record was washed away by Alice’s tears. During the court session, it became clear that only one of the defendants had stolen the soup and that only he had given a truthful testimony. So, who stole the soup?

In a room, there are 85 balloons – red and blue ones. It is known that: 1) at least one of the balls is red, 2) from each arbitrarily chosen pair of balls at least one is blue. How many red balls are there in the room?