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Having mastered tiling small rooms, Robinson wondered if he could tile big spaces, and possibly very big spaces. He wondered if he could tile the whole plane. He started to study the tiling, which can be continued infinitely in any direction. Can you help him with it?

Tile the whole plane with the following shapes:

Robinson Crusoe was taking seriously the education of Friday, his friend. Friday was very good at maths, and one day he cut 12 nets out of hardened goat skins. He claimed that it was possible to make a cube out of each net. Robinson looked at the patterns, and after some considerable thought decided that he was able to make cubes from all the nets except one. Can you figure out which net cannot make a cube?

It is known that it is possible to cover the plane with any cube’s net. (You will see it in the film that will be shown at the end of this session). But Robinson, unfortunately, lived on an uninhabited island in the 19th century, and did not know about the film. Try to help him to figure out how to cover the plane with nets \(\#2\), \(\#6\), and \(\#8\) from the previous exercise.

On the first day Robinson Crusoe tied the goat with a piece of rope by putting one peg into the ground. What shape did the goat graze?

On the second day Robinson Crusoe stretched the rope between two pegs, put a ring on the rope, and tied the goat with another rope to the ring. What shape did the goat graze in this case?

On the third day Robinson Crusoe put two pegs again, and decided not to stretch the rope, but to tie the goat with two loose ropes of different lengths to those pegs. What shape did the goat graze on the third day?

One day Robinson Crusoe decided to take his usual walk, and followed his path on a plateau holding his goat on the lead of 1 m length. Draw the shape of the area where the goat could have being eating grass while walking along Robinson Crusoe. The path they followed was exactly in the shape of 1 km\({}\times{}\)3 km rectangle.

Draw how Robinson Crusoe should put pegs and ropes to tie his goat in order for the goat to graze grass in the shape of a semicircle

Think of other shapes Robinson’s goat can graze without a wolf, or with a wolf tied nearby. What if Robinson managed to tame several wolves and used them as guard dogs? Can two tied wolves keep an untied goat in a triangle? Can you think of other shapes you can create with Robinson’s goat and wolves?

Prove the divisibility rule for \(3\): the number is divisible by \(3\) if and only if the sum of its digits is divisible by \(3\).