Found: 1463

While studying numbers and its properites, Robinson came across a 3-digit prime number with the last digit being equal to the sum of the first two digits. What was the last digit of that number if among the number did not have any zeros among it’s digits?

Prove the divisibility rule for \(4\): a number is divisible by \(4\) if and only if the number made by the last two digits of the original number is divisible by \(4\);
Can you come up with a divisibility rule for \(8\)?

Robinson found a chest with books and instruments after the ship wreck. Not all the books were in readable condition, but some of the books he managed to read. One sentence read “72 chickens cost *619* p”. (The starred digits were not readable). He has not tasted a chicken for quite some time, and it was pleasant to imagine a properly cooked chicken in front of him. He also was able to decipher the cost of one chicken. Can you?

When Robinson Crusoe’s friend and assistant named Friday learned about divisibility rules, he was so impressed that he proposed his own rule:

a number is divisible by 27 if the sum of it’s digits is divisible by 27.

Was he right?

One day Friday multiplied all the numbers from 1 to 100. The product appeared to be a pretty large number, and he added all the digits of that number to receive a new smaller number. Even then he did not think the number was small enough, and added all the digits again to receive a new number. He continued this process of adding all the digits of the newly obtained number again and again, until finally he received a one-digit number. Can you tell what number was it?

Robinson Crusoe’s friend Friday was looking at \(3\)-digit numbers with the same first and third digits. He soon noticed that such number is divisible by \(7\) if the sum of the second and the third digits is divisible by \(7\). Prove that he was right.

2016 digits are written in a circle. It is known, that if you make a number reading the digits clockwise, starting from some particular place, then the resulting 2016-digit number is divisible by 27. Show that if you start from some other place, and moving clockwise make up another 2016-digit number, then this new number is also divisible by 27.

Louise is confident that all her classmates have different number of friends. Is she right?

There are 100 cities all connected by roads. Each city has 6 roads coming in (or going out). How many roads do connect those cities?

There are 15 cities in a country named The Country of Fifteen Cities. The king ordered his main architect to build roads in such a way that each city was connected with other cities by exactly 5 roads, otherwise he would hang the architect. Do you think that the architect can accomplish the task or should he flee that country immediately?